DSR University Webcast: Why DSR?

Introducing “DSR University”, the educational platform of the Direct Selling Resources program. Direct Selling Resources is an online community whose mission is “To be the Direct Selling industry’s premiere network to connect Suppliers and Companies…allowing technology to create faster, better and more efficient processes…” By launching DSR University, Direct Selling Resources begins a series of webinars dedicated to helping Direct Selling companies learn more about specific areas of interest such as global logistics, product localization, compensation plans, legal compliance, event planning, software, etc.

Starting on May 23rd at 2:00 pm EST, DSR University will host our first online webinar titled “What is DSR?”
During this 45 minute interactive conversation, members of the Direct Selling community from around the globe will get a firsthand introduction to the key players of Direct Selling Resources. Founders Alan Alpert and Mike Bennett along with DSR’s esteemed Advisory Faculty will answer the question “What can DSR do for me?” We’ll cover DSR programs for Companies, Suppliers, and Affiliates. You’ll learn how our powerful online platform speeds up procurement times and increases sales. Come find out where YOU fit in and how DSR can work for you.

Topics, dates and times for future webinars to be announced during the May 23rd 2:00 pm EST event. We look forward to seeing you there.