DSR – Bridging the Gap Between Direct Selling Companies and the Supplier Vendors Who Support Them

Alan Alpert, founder and CEO of Smart Office, received a call from the CEO of a Smart Office client requiring a vendor to fulfill an immediate need for their company. By the following Monday, Mr. Alpert had lined up a meeting between a trusted vendor and his client.

Alan saw that there was a need for a company in the direct selling industry that would be able to streamline and facilitate connections between direct selling companies and experienced vendor suppliers.

DSR removes the guesswork in determining whether or not a particular vendor will reliably fulfill a company’s mission critical needs. Direct selling companies no longer have the burden of going through trial period after trial period with countless vendors. DSR’s comprehensive vendor supplier vetting process helps companies launch new technologies and initiatives quickly and effectively.


DSR’s founders, along with their Advisory Faculty, hail from diverse backgrounds in the direct selling industry. With executive representatives from supplier vendors, direct selling companies, and field management, DSR’s leadership team brings to the table a cumulative 150+ years of industry experience.


Merchant Processing
Compensation Plan Creation
Payment Processing
Legal Support
Consulting Services


Cosmetic Manufacturing
Clinical Research
Call Center Support / International
Nutritional Manufacturing
Product Fulfillment
Human Resources


Sales Tools
Event Planning
Social Media Marketing
Loyalty Benefits / Premiums
Motivational Gifts (Tchotchkes)
Video Production
Event Audio Visual and Sets
Brand Marketing
Vacation Incentive Trips
Meeting & Event Management


Alan Alpert – Founder and Chairman
Alan Alpert

Founder and Chairman

Mike Bennett – Founder and President
Mike Bennett

Founder and President

Eric Alpert – Chief Legal Officer and COO
Eric Alpert

Chief Legal Officer and COO

Mr. Thomas Kelly

Managing Partner

Mr. Haldun Arin

Member, Advisory Faculty

Mr. Paul Adams

Member, Advisory Faculty

Ms. Nicki Keohohou

Member, Advisory Faculty

DSR Introductory Webinar

During this interactive conversation, members of the Direct Selling community from around the globe get a firsthand introduction to the key players of Direct Selling Resources.

Founders Alan Alpert and Mike Bennett along with DSR’s Advisory Faculty will answer the question “What can DSR do for me?” Learn about DSR programs for Companies, Suppliers, and Affiliates, and how our powerful online platform speeds up procurement times and increases sales.

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The DSR Advantage

Understanding Direct Selling Resources’ Selective Vendor Approval Process
What makes the DSR supplier approval process unique?

At Direct Selling Resources, our vendor-supplier vetting process includes a detailed application, reference audit, interview, BBB and Dunn and Bradstreet review. Eric Alpert, ESQ. oversees all applications in coordination with management team members Alan Alpert and Mike Bennett.

Once a supplier has been vetted, our goal is to match them with organizations in need of their services. We are committed to auditing supplier performance on an annual basis and as needed. At DSR, we actively partner with industry leaders, simplifying the vendor evaluation process and creating a “win/win” for Direct Selling Organizations and world class suppliers.

Who are the DSR Advisory Faculty and what is their role?

Direct Selling Resources’ Faculty Advisors are all industry experts actively working with direct selling leaders. Faculty members are invited based on their extensive experience working with the types of organizations we serve, both as Direct Selling Organizations and as suppliers.

As part of our commitment to quality service, the Advisors keep DSR up-to-date regarding industry trends and forecasts. Together with the information we receive from the Direct Selling Association (DSA) and other global industry associations, the Advisory Faculty helps ensure DSR stays ahead of the curve of industry needs and best practices.