DSR was born out of a need to be fulfilled.

Alan Alpert, founder and CEO of Smart Office Solutions, received a call from a friend and CEO of one of Smart Office’s clients. The friend was in urgent need of a vendor to fulfill an immediate need for their company. While the friend was aware that Alan’s company was not going to be able to fulfill the urgent need, they knew that Alan would know the right vendor to help take care of them. They were correct, by the following Monday, Alan had lined up a meeting between a trusted vendor and his client, and it was a match made in heaven.

Being the visionary and entrepreneur that he is, Alan saw a need for a company in the direct selling industry that would be able to “bridge the gap” between direct selling companies and quality, trusted and experienced vendor companies who can service the needs of those direct selling companies. As such, Direct Selling Resources was conceived.

DSR removes the guesswork in whether or not a particular vendor will be reliable and do a great job in fulfilling a need. Direct selling companies no longer have the burden of going through trial period after trial period with countless vendors, in order to finally find the right vendor to fulfill their need. The removal of this burden saves time and money for the direct selling company.

Over the last two years, Alan has spent his time assembling some of the most experienced veterans in the direct selling industry to help lead DSR. With over 150 years of combined experience in this industry, there is no doubt that the leadership within DSR is well versed in solving any need that a direct selling company might encounter, by pairing them with a vetted vendor to quell any issue.

After his appointment as Supplier Chairman of the Direct Selling Association in 2017, it is clear there is no one better suited to lead DSR than Alan Alpert. DSR is here now to bridge the gap between direct selling companies and reliable, experienced, trustworthy and vetted vendor companies.


The executives and team members of DSR along with the advisory council bring a cumulative experience of over 150 years in the Direct Selling industry. Our backgrounds are from the direct selling company executive side, supplier vendor side and field side. The DSR team can assist both the vendor and the client company to reach their revenue goals.


Merchant Processing
Compensation Plan Creation
Payment Processing
Legal Support


Cosmetic Manufacturing
Clinical Research
Call Center Support / International
Nutritional Manufacturing
Product Fulfillment
Human Resources


Sales Tools
Event Planning
Social Media Marketing
Loyalty Benefits / Premiums
Video Production
Event Audio Visual and Sets
Brand Marketing
Vacation Incentive Trips


Alan Alpert – Founder and Chairman
Alan Alpert

Founder and Chairman

Mike Bennett – Founder and President
Mike Bennett

Founder and President

Eric Alpert – Chief Legal Officer and COO
Eric Alpert

Chief Legal Officer and COO

Meet DSR’s Advisory Faculty

Mr. Thomas Kelly
Mr. Haldun Arin
Mr. Paul Adams
Ms. Nicki Keohohou

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are just some of the questions you may have about DSR and its direct selling industry mission.
How is DSR different from the MLMIA or BBB in terms of how it recommends our members to direct selling companies in need of products and services?

The chosen vendor partners who’ve proven themselves over time in the eyes of the DSR faculty, offer superior service and have been invited to be a part of the DSR Elite Vendor program.  MLMIA or BBB will accept anyone that pays a fee. Over time direct selling supplier vendors separate themselves from their competitors based on their reputation of delivery and support.

Do industry vendors pay DSR for listings?

NO, the Vendor is invited to be on our exclusive list of industry services and product category providers based on participating in DSR’s extensive vetting process which is conducted by its faculty. The faculty is comprised of direct selling industry top-line executives and thought leaders. They complete an NDA and business Information document (BID) which provides DSR with the information needed to complete the vetting process. They agree to certain terms and conditions about their service standards and are aware they can be excluded in the future if standards are not upheld to the clients. When approved a Business Development Agreement is negotiated and fees are only paid to DSR based on that agreement.

Who makes the decision on the DSR vendor companies and how can we be assured that they are quality vendors?

The faculty reviews vendors each month to include into the partnership. It’s a process of monitoring best practices with continued due diligence throughout the vendor/member company relationship. With over 150 years of direct selling experience between our Founders, executive faculty and Advisory Board, both industry companies and vendors can expect a professional and profitable experience.

Are any of the faculty members industry product/services providers?

A couple of the faculty members are industry product/services providers. These said companies are award winning and Hall of Fame staffed. DSR currently has over 40 vendors participating at this time. The reason we all came together was to ensure you have quality vetted companies to work with to save time and money while focusing on growing your business.

How does the referring affiliate benefit financially from sending a new company to DSR? How quickly do they receive compensation from the referral and how much is the referral fee?

Once you become a vetted and confirmed referring affiliate, you will receive an agreed to referral fee for new business that you bring to DSR. Each vendor has a different agreement with DSR based on their fee/pricing structure.

If I have had previous problems with some of the vendor choices DSR has chosen. Who would I send my complaint to, so that DSR is aware of a previous challenge?

If there is an issue previously with a selected vendor, we would look into it immediately and report back to you promptly with a solution from our further vetting of said vendor or DSR will provide another elite provider. Our vendors have amazing track records and character, so we do not expect that to happen very often. Send an email to info@directsellingresources.com and explain your concern and we will follow up immediately.

What does DSR do when they receive a service challenge or dispute?

We contact the person with the complaint by phone to get a better understanding of what happened. We then contact the vendor to discuss the matter and help with a resolution that is agreed upon by both parties.