Free Webinar “Social Selling With Leadklozer”

Introducing LeadKlozer: The first automated social lead-tracker, with “Smart“ suggestions that take the confusion out of lead tracking and follow-up, so you can close more leads faster! Use LeadKlozer to manage your social media and personal activity and get more done in less time!

Starting on January 9 at 2:00pm ET, we invite you to join a free webinar for professionals in the Direct Selling industry entitled “Social Selling with LeadKlozer.” An encore presentation will open on January 16 at 2:00pm ET.

During this 30-minute interactive conversation, Steve MacDonald, CEO of LeadKlozer, will talk about the success skills that Direct Selling distributors need in order to be successful at promoting and growing their businesses on social media. A demonstration of the LeadKlozer platform, along with helpful information about how to make the most of your list of contacts, will be followed by a Q&A session open to attendees.

This is a can’t-miss event for Direct Selling distributors, leaders, and field support teams. We look forward to seeing you there.